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  2. Supported Utilities

Below is a list of utilities that Pelm currently has support for. If you need a specific utility integration, email us at [email protected]

Coming Soon: Duke Energy, Dominion

id (integer)full_name (string)short_name (string)
1Pacific Gas and ElectricPGE
2Southern California EdisonSCE
57San Diego Gas & ElectricSDGE
428Consolidated EdisonConEd
216Commonwealth EdisonComEd
651Puget Sound EnergyPSE
250Baltimore Gas and ElectricBGE
50Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerLADWP
677Southern California Gas CompanySoCalGas
563CenterPoint EnergyCPE
154Georgia PowerGP
121Florida Power & LightFPL
74Eversource EnergyEversource
349Xcel Energy COXcel CO
689Xcel Energy MIXcel MI
690Xcel Energy MNXcel MN
691Xcel Energy NMXcel NM
692Xcel Energy NDXcel ND
693Xcel Energy SDXcel SD
694Xcel Energy TXXcel TX
695Xcel Energy WIXcel WI

Supported Functionality

Pelm’s API tries to maintain feature parity amongst all utilities. However, sometimes a utility may not support a specific data field or function. This section outlines function compatibility with different utilities.

An empty field implies that the specified feature is not supported for the utility.

15 min granularity does not imply that all users for a given utility will have interval data with that level of granularity. For example, some PG&E users have 15-minute intervals available while others have 1-hour intervals.

Usage data availability describes how soon usage data becomes available. PGE has a 24-hour delay, which means Monday’s usage data will become available Wednesday 2 am PST. ConEd data is available the next day, which means Monday’s usage data will become available Tuesday 2am PST.

UtilityElectricity usage intervals granularityGas usage intervals granularityUsage data availabilityEmissions data supportedWrite APIsBill data
PG&E15 min15 min24 hour delayYesPay Bill, Add Payment Method, Update Login Info, Update Account InfoJSON, PDF
SCE15 min24 hour delayYesJSON, PDF
SDGE15 min15 minNext dayYes
ConEd15 min15 minNext dayJSON, PDF
ComEd15 min15 min24 hour delayJSON
PSE15 min15 min24 hour delayAdd payment method
BGE15 min15 min24 hour delay
LADWPBilling period24 hour delay
SoCalGas1 hour24 hour delayYes
CPE1 hourBilling periodNext day
GP1 hour24 hour delay
FPL1 hourNext day
EversourceBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel COBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel MIBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel MNBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel NMBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel NDBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel SDBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel TXBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF
Xcel WIBilling period24 hour delayJSON, PDF