Client credentials

The first step to accessing the Pelm API is obtaining your client credentials. Request credentials by visiting or emailing [email protected].

Your Pelm-Client-Id and Pelm-Secret will be essential for making requests to Pelm. Please keep these secret and in a safe place.

Make your first request

Let’s do a quick sanity check to make sure your credentials are working properly. In the form below, input your credentials in the Header fields and input any value (e.g. 123) in the user_id field. Then click “Send Request”.

If you get a response that looks similar to this, then you’re good to go.

  "connect_token": "<CONNECT_TOKEN>",
  "expires_in": 1800

Utility Credentials

In order to test the API, you’ll need access to a set of valid credentials for one of our supported utilities. Alternatively, you can use the Sandbox User.

Core Concepts

Review core concepts for a high-level understanding of our API.

Core Concepts

Let’s write some code

Now that you have a basic understanding of our core concepts, the next step is to integrate Pelm.

If you’re looking to start using Pelm in an existing application, follow the Connect Guide to embed our Connect component into your frontend and create your first User.

If you prefer to learn by referencing example code or just want to get everything running locally ASAP, clone our Quickstart Repo and follow its ReadMe.