HTTP Status Codes Summary

Status CodeDescription
200 - OKRequest success
400 - Bad RequestThe request was malformed, usually due to a missing parameter
401 - UnauthorizedAPI key or access token is invalid
402 - Request FailedThe parameters were valid but the request failed, usually because the call quota has been reached
403 - ForbiddenAPI key or access token is unauthorized for the requested resource
5xx - Server ErrorSomething went wrong on Pelm’s servers

Error Codes Summary

Error CodeDescription
parameter_missingA required parameter is missing from the request
parameter_invalidA request parameter is invalid, usually due to it having the wrong format
connect_max_attempted_loginsThe maximum number of Connect login attempts has been reached
token_invalidThe provided access token is invalid
credentials_invalidThe provided API keys are invalid
mfa_requiredMFA is required to connect the account
mfa_failedMFA verification failed
utility_unavailableSupport has not been built out yet for the given utility
quota_reachedMaximum number of calls for the plan has been reached
card_invalidCredit card is invalid
feature_unavailableSupport for given feature hasn’t been built out for the given utility
data_unavailableData is unavailable for the user, usually becomes available within 15 minutes
internal_errorSomething went wrong on Pelm’s servers
permission_deniedUnauthorized for requested resource
add_payment_failedCouldn’t add payment method to utility account
address_invalidAddress is invalid, usually service already exists for the property
job_failedAsynchronous job to make service changes failed
job_does_not_existAsynchronous job to make service changes doesn’t exist